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About Us

What do we do?

The Collinsville Daily News is designed to be the heartbeat of the community. We are dedicated to telling the truth in the local news. Our focus is on the facts as we remain dedicated to storytelling and truth telling for events and news in the local area. We are small, but mighty. It is our passion to showcase why Collinsville, IL and the bedroom communities of St. Louis are the heart of the nation. We want to share the news with you in a context that helps our readers make sense of an increasingly chaotic world.


Who owns us?

The Collinsville Daily News is privately owned by local community members that have lived in the St. Louis region for many decades. We are a for-profit organization that has a heart to give back to the community we are serving. Currently, the Collinsville Daily News is the only entity operated within this news source.


How are we funded?

The Collinsville Daily News generates revenues from advertising and support from the local community. We also raise money to support our journalism and investigative efforts, which provide general support for our newsroom.


From what point of view do we approach our work?

Our newsroom has no agenda.  We remain dedicated to serving our readers with relevant, local news. Our advertising department works hard to ensure local businesses have an opportunity to tell their story through ad campaigns with results. With a team of people that have worked across every media outlet including newspapers, radio, TV, magazines and all developing digital technologies, the marketing consultants know what it takes to promote your business and drive revenue.






How do we correct our mistakes?

We understand that every person is a human that makes mistakes. When mistakes are made, we correct factual errors as soon as possible. Because of our digital capabilities, we can update and adjust any errors that are made. If significant errors are made, it will be noted at the top of the story. Smaller errors can run at the bottom of the story. If you see an error, please bring it to our attention by emailing and identify it as a correction.


What are the best ways for our audience to interact with us?

We welcome emails, phone calls or letters. Our primary contact is info@collinsvilledailynews.   

PO Box 343

Glen Carbon, IL 62034

We also engage with our readers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and at community events.


What do we currently need from our audience?

We value your feedback and your support. We are here to serve you and to make Collinsville, Illinois a better place.